Does your daily fiber intake amount to the muffin you grabbed at 7-11? Is more than half your water intake for the day in your coffee? I used to get onto my dad about drinking water, and he would say, "well I've had 4 cups of coffee" smh, lol. I believe beauty starts within if you continue to put crap in your body and expect to feel and look good, you're sadly mistaken. Ladies, you know as we age we have to take a little more care of ourselves. For beauty over 40, we have to eat more of the leafy greens, fruits, and vegetables and scale back on the red meats. Drink more, more, more WATER! Green tea, white tea, black tea are also great, try to get in 4 cups. If your insides aren't hydrated, then what do you think your skin will eventually look like? Pack on the makeup if you want ladies, but at night when you wipe that all off, well, the Truth Will Set You Free!

Close-up of Water Splashing in Glass Against White Background

Going grey at 48

OOOOK, I give up!! I have been battling my grey hair since I was in my 20. Truth be told, if I hadn't been dying my hair I would have been totally grey by the time I hit 34. I used to leave one strip in the front, like Cruela Deville lol, and that piece got real long, letting me know what the rest would have looked like.
But I have been hell bent on keeping the grey at bay, especially when I finally did dye my whole head, my mother told me I looked 10 years younger, I was 35 at the time. I am now (mumbling) 48, and my hair grows so fast there was a dye job every 2 to 3 weeks. About a month ago I was going through the, "should I or should I not stage", again and in the middle of my indecision my friend chimes in with," Embrace it", easier said than done for me, ha, yes I was trying to out fox the clock. But she is right, it is an uphill battle and I am losing, so the grey, well silver hair that I inherited from my father, I am slowly but surely embracing. Still a little freaked out by a whole head of silver before 50, but what the hey. I know Clairol is going to miss me, I'm a 20 year customer.
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